Course Description

This course is a semester-long (17-week) exploration of Biology. It is intended for high school students as their high school biology requirement. 

✅ Creation Focus: Students will develop a strong defense for creation as evolutionary arguments will be explored and then dismantled by evidence for creative design.

✅ Dual Credit: This course is modeled after the CLEP Biology exam and will prepare students to take the test, obtain credits, and bypass college biology. 

✅ Office Hours: Students can attend optional weekly office hours on Zoom reserved just for the people in the class.

✅ Learning Materials: Students will learn the material through short video lectures paired with rich imagery and slides. In every lesson, the slides from the videos are included for further study and review. Finally, entertaining review games, interactive simulations, and hands-on labs reinforce what was learned.

✅ Assessments: Student progress in the course is tracked with a weekly quiz. Once they have studied and feel ready, they take it. The quiz grades are averaged weekly, student progress can be tracked, and a letter grade can be given if desired. Quizzes are automatically graded.

✅ Optional Labs: Optional hands-on labs are available in the course. We have partnered with the company Home Science Tools to offer a custom lab kit. The lab needs to be purchased from them separately. Videos guiding students step-by-step through each lab are included in the course.

Course Outline

Click here to view the full course outline. You can see the pacing and exactly what concepts will be explored. The labs will be included in the outline on August 1st.

👨‍🏫 Meet Your Instructor

My name is Bryce. I am the owner of Life Foundations Academy and the instructor for this course. Here is my profile:

🎓Education: Bachelors of Kinesiology from Cal Baptist University. California Single Subject Credential in Biology.

😃 Hobbies: Overall, I enjoy spending time with my young family (it gets crazy at times). I also love fitness, coffee, hiking, and spending time with close friends.

📋 Experience: I have been teaching online and in-person for about 5 years. Teaching is a passion of mine. I love to make complicated concepts simple and engaging.

📍 History: Every year of my K-12, I was homeschooled in some capacity. It was a great experience, and yes, I have friends. I was able to use CLEP tests to bypass a bunch of my college education in highschool. Unfortunately, long books and flashcards were my sole option for studying and I did not have a dual-credit option. This course is the resource I wish I had. 

How To Get Dual Credit 🎓

1. Take the class. This course satisfies the A-G requirement for Biology and should be taken in High School.

2. Study for the test: Engaging materials are provided at the end of the course for students to review everything they learned. Once they feel ready, they can register for the CLEP test.

3. Pass the test: When ready, students will take and pass the College Board CLEP test for Biology to get 3-6 units of credit. Step-by-step guidance, info, and links for registering for a CLEP test near you are within the course.

4. Get College Credit: CLEP units transfer to the majority of major colleges and universities.

For more info on CLEP, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Q - Can I do the class at my own pace? 

A - The beauty of homeschooling is being flexible! This course is self-paced. Students can go as slow or as fast as they want to. When you purchase the course, all the weeks 1-17 will be available. You will have access to the course for a year. They can blaze through in a month or take the whole year! 

Q- How does grading work? Do I as a parent assign grades or does the course do this? 

A- Every week, after your student feels that they have adequately reviewed the content, they take the weekly quiz (example linked here). Each weekly quiz can only be taken once. There is a quiz tracker (linked here) that measures progress in the class. You can have your student input their score every week into the tracker, or you can go into the course, click on each weekly quiz, check it, and input them yourself. 

Q- Can I do this course remotely? 

A- From a coffee shop in Italy to your coffee table in California, as long as you have internet, this class can be taken from anywhere.

Q- How difficult is the class? Can my high school student do it? 

A- We built this class to be similar to an online college class yet incredibly engaging and simple enough for high school students. We do highly recommend that students should have a high reading level and be able to study well independently.

Q- How much money will I save by taking this class and passing the CLEP compared to doing biology in college? 

A- Our class costs $249. The CLEP biology is $89. That is a total of $338. According to, the average cost for a 3-unit class is between $1,300-$4,100, depending on if you are in a state or private school. For more info on CLEP, click here.

Q- What is the CLEP test like? Is it hard to pass? 

A- Every CLEP test is different. The Biology test has a pass rate of about 54%. Keep in mind that many of these individuals who failed tried to take the test after only studying for a few weeks. We cover all the concepts in the test and provide many review materials to ensure our students have the best chance at passing effortlessly. If for some reason, they do fail the test, they can retake it a few months later.

Q- Will the CLEP credits transfer to my child's desired college/university? 

A- Most likely, yes. CLEP classes transfer to thousands of schools. To make sure, check with this link. Search your school by name, enter the exam title you want to take, view the list of CLEP courses it accepts, its minimum passing score, and how many credits it awards for that course.

Q- How long do I have access to the class? 

A- The course is 17 weeks. We give you access for a year. 

Q- Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied? 

A- YES. If you are unhappy with the course, you can have a full refund within 30 days of purchasing. 

Q- Are concepts like evolution covered? How do you address that? 

A- This course is not just a Biology class. It is also meant to strengthen your student's worldview. We explore the evidence for both evolution and creation. It will be self-evident and is common sense. Creation wins.

We believe that evolution is a faulty conclusion of the evidence available. Instead, science points to a designer. 

Q - Can I contact you with a question that is not covered here? 

A- Yes. The best way to reach me is through email.

[email protected]

📞 ‪(925) 967-4185‬

📧 [email protected]