Class Syllabus

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LESSONS: There are 3-5 weekly lessons covering significant topics in our World's early History. Each lesson will have the following elements:

  • A weekly lesson overview: This is one paragraph that summarizes the concept.
  • Short Video Lecture: A short video where I teach the main concepts of the lesson from the slides.
  • Independent study slides: The slides I used in the video are available for self-study and review. These are located right below the video.
  • Check for Understanding: Under each video, I include questions that check how much you remember from the lesson.

Gimkit (Interactive Study Resources): Gimkit is a interactive review game covering the week's material. Study using Gimkit after you finish the lessons.

WEEKLY QUIZ: The weekly quiz tracks your course progress and should only be taken once you are finished and understand the lesson material.

CLEP & College Credit: The content in this course will prepare you to pass the CLEP and get college credit for your efforts. If you choose to take the CLEP, the end of this course will show you the steps you need to take.

Pacing: Students can go through the material at whatever pace they choose to do so. Each student is unique, but as a general rule, taking the class without preparing for the CLEP or reading the text will take approximately 75 hours (1 semester with lab requirement). Taking the class, reading the CLEP prep book and studying and taking the exam will take 150 plus hours (1 year of Word History with lab requirement).

A-G Requirement: PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PSP, ISP or CHARTER SCHOOL for credit and hour questions. As a general rule, this class will fulfill one semester of U.S. History if you do NOT take the CLEP.

  • If students take the CLEP exam and pass, this would be considered a second semester of work by many ISPs. College courses generally count as 10 credit hours, while semester high school classes count as 5. An example to summarize: If a student takes this World History class and subsequently prepares for and passes the CLEP, this could suffice for a year of credit. 

Recommended Materials

To have the best chance of success in this class, it is recommended that students have the following items:

  1. Full access to this course
  2. A Google account
  3. Notebook & Flashcards: Every student learns differently. This being said, students are WAY more likely to remember material longer and be able to access their learning quicker if they take notes with each video lesson and review them after frequently. Please, do not just watch the videos. Participate by actively taking notes.
  4. A computer or phone with internet access. 
  5. REA CLEP Western Civilization History Book: While not required for success in this class, this book covers a lot of the same content that we do throughout the semester. If you decide to take the CLEP test to get college credit, there are practice tests at the end of the book with detailed feedback.
  • Please understand this book is NOT a Christian book. This course uses the book as a guideline to pass the CLEP exam. This being said, I strongly cover World History from a Biblical perspective.


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