☑ Designed from the outline of the DSST World Religions test.

☑ Get 3 units of college credit upon passing the DSST.

☑ Organized by topic. Take practice questions to check what you don't know and spend time reviewing that content.

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🎯 We built these to help you study what you need help remembering. It's helpful to avoid spending hours studying what you already know!

The Winning Strategy

  1. Slides: Scan through the slides. If you feel that you cannot teach a certain topic confidently to someone else, spend a few extra minutes reviewing it
  2. Practice Quiz: Take the practice mini-quiz and review missed answers as you go. If you answer question three incorrectly, scroll down and read its explanation BEFORE moving on to question four.
  3. Review: Once you finish the practice quiz, return to the slides and further review concepts you are not entirely confident about.
  4. Repeat: Move on to the next topic and do it again. Keep this process going until you finish all the content.
  5. Final Practice Test: At the end of the course, you can take a practice quiz with questions that will be similar to the ones on the CLEP. If you miss questions, review the answer explanations. Upon finishing, you will be ready for the CLEP.