Based on brain research 🧠, these courses are designed to prepare your child to pass the CLEP as quickly and efficiently as possible .

Quick Study could benefit you if any of these apply to your situation: 

Revisit. Students who have already taken the class in high school but want to review it, take the CLEP, and skip the subject in college.

  • Joey is in 11th grade. He took Biology in 9th grade. He takes a quick study and reviews the concepts to pass the CLEP during his summer break.

Supplement. Students might have a curriculum they already use but want to fill in gaps to pass the CLEP.

  • Sarah and her ISP use a history curriculum they love and do together. She uses a quick study and reviews it alongside her other curriculum to ensure she learns all the topics on the CLEP. She takes the CLEP after and passes.

Review. Students who have taken a semester class with us can use a quick study for the same subject to quickly review the content before taking the CLEP.

  • Maritza finished World History with us. She uses the quick study to review everything and have peace of mind before attempting the test.