Course Description 🗽

You can obtain high school and college credits: This course fulfills the A-G High School U.S. History requirement. Modeled after the CLEP U.S. History I exam, it will prepare you to take the test, obtain three college credits, and bypass a semester of U.S. History upon completing the class.

The content is engaging, simple, and fun: You will learn the material through short video lectures rich with imagery, study slides, and questions to check your understanding. In addition, interactive virtual explorations, engaging learning games, and relevant videos and articles are everywhere. 

Take fully automated and self-graded quizzes and assessments: Your progress in the course is tracked with a weekly quiz. When you have studied and feel ready, take it. The quiz grades are averaged weekly, progress can be tracked, and a letter grade can be given if desired. Quizzes are automatically graded.

Optional written response questions with an answer key are included: You are often encouraged to write and respond to a writing prompt tied directly to what you are learning. If you choose to use these, answer keys are sent to parents at the start of the course. Parents can assign grades to these if desired. 

Be Entirely Confident To Pass CLEP: At the end of the course, you will engage in a comprehensive review of everything you learned. After that, you can study to your heart's content until you feel triumphant and ready. At that point, we provide all the steps you need to register for the test, pass it, send your scores to your desired school, or add them to your future transcript of passed college courses. 

How To Get Dual Credit 🎓

1. Take the class. This course satisfies the A-G requirement for Biology and should be taken in High School.

2. Review for the test: Upon finishing the class, students will review their notes and use our study resources to refresh their memory and be fully prepared.

3. Pass It: When ready, students will take and pass the College Board CLEP test for Biology to get 3-6 units of credit. Step-by-step guidance, info, and links for registering for a CLEP test near you are within the course.

4. Get College Credit: CLEP units transfer to the majority of major colleges and universities.

For more info on CLEP, click here.

👨‍🏫 Meet Your Instructor

My name is Sheila and I am thrilled to be your instructor.

🎓Education: Bachelors from Fresno State University. Master's from Chico State.

😃 Hobbies:  Hiking, Rock-climbing, beginning homesteading with 17 laying chickens, 3 Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and two cute dogs (Basset Hound and Golden Retriever) that serve absolutely no purpose.

📋 Experience: Former College Instructor, homeschool co-op leader, and Charter School Teacher. Homeschool mom (K-12, 3 Kids).

What Could You Do With $2000? 💸

☑ If you pass the CLEP upon finishing, every 3-unit course you take with us will save you an average of almost $2000. 

☑ Many students (including myself) have bypassed a year of college before graduating high school using CLEP. 

☑ Certain schools like Thomas Edison State University even allow you to test out of a massive portion of your degree (multiple years) through CLEP.

☑ Each course here is built directly from the outline of these tests. You will be ready to register and take the test upon completing the course and studying with the resources provided.